Welcome to yiff.social! This is a relay focused towards all things ~furry~ meaning you don't /have/ to be a furry to join but you should atleast enjoy it if you do join!

If your not a furry but want to join a relay join 'https://relay.mastodon.host/inbox' ( without the ' ) instead!

What is a relay? Simply put a relay broadcasts toots sent to it by connected instances to to all other connected instances using the relay.

Example: $user on instance $A posts a toot, This toot is then sent too all of $users followers PLUS relays that instance $A is connected to. From here the relay pushes $users toot out to every connected instance, Allowing more users to see the toot then otherwise would have! Cool right!

Who's on the relay? Here is an up-to-date list! ( Updates every minute )

Are there any open instances on the relay? Here is an auto generated list of open instances connected to this relay!

So how do you join this relay? Simple!

For users, Just ask your admin to add this relay in instance settings! ( Be sure to link them this page! )

Some user FAQs

Is my instance using this relay? See 'Who's on the relay' above for a list of connected instances!

My instance is connected to the relay how do I use it? Simply open the 'Federated Timeline' on your instance, done!

If you have any other questions or issues yell at @Sir_Boops@sergal.org or email relay [at] boops.me

For admins, Simply go into administration settings area find the relays panel and add the URL 'https://yiff.social/inbox' ( without the ' ) and you're connected!

Some admin FAQs

Help I don't see any relay option! You must be running Mastodon 2.5.0rc1 or newer to use relays!

I'm using pleroma can I join this relay? Sadly right now the answer seems to be no, the issue for that is here

Can't troll instances join this relay and abuse it? Yes, but this is what IP bans are for!

Do I have to run a furry instance to join this relay? No, but you and your users at a minimum should enjoy furries and/or furry art and mesh well with that group!

What gets broadcasted? Any toots that'd you'd normally see in fedi ( So only public ones ) will be broadcasted.

Well private user data be sent to the relay? No, only toots users make public will be sent to a relay.

If an instance I blocked joins the relay will I see their toots? No, your local instance will throw out all toots from instance that it has blocked.

What rules apply to this relay? tl;dr If you're a dick you'll be kicked, Really if your rules are like these you're going to be fine here!

If you have any other questions or issues yell at @Sir_Boops@sergal.org or email relay [at] boops.me