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Officially endorsed by @Gargron as a joke instance (along with Things that make unique as an instance.

  • Federates with TOR servers
  • Stays up to date, often running newest mastodon code
  • Unique color scheme
  • Strictly enforced rules
  • A BananaDogInc company. Visit our other sites sites including, psychicdebugging and gonnaroll

Who we are looking for: This instance only allows senior toot engineers. If you have at least 10+ years of mastodon experience please apply here ( We are looking for rockstar ninja rocket scientists and we offer unlimited PTO as well as a fully stocked snack bar (with soylent). We are a lean, agile, remote friendly mastodon startup that pays in the bottom 25% for senior tooters. All new members get equity via an innovative ICO call BananaCoin.

The interview process To join we have a take home exam that involves you writing several hundred toots that we can use to screen you. We will then throw these away during your interview so that we can do a technical screening where we use a whiteboard to evaluate your ability to re-toot memes and shitpost in front of a panel. This panel will be composed of senior tooters who are all 30 year old cis white males (coincidence).

Here are the reasons you may want to join: We are an agile tooting startup (a tootup). That means for every senior tooter we have a designer, a UX person, a product manager, project manager and scrum master. We meet for 15min every day and plan twice a week in a 3 hour meeting but it’s cool because you get lunch and have to attend. Our tooters love it, I would know if they didn’t since we all have standing desks in an open office layouts d can hear everything!

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Chomp Life - A Shark-oriented, Furry-friendly Mastodon Instance. ✨🦈✨

Whether a trout and you shout, a bass with sass, or a heckin' guppy puppy (shark; "shek"), the instance is open to all who rawr, squeak, chitter, murr, and scrEAM. Fish, and non-fish, are free to join, but watch out: there may be splashes every now and then 🦈 💦

This instance is 18+. While it's not confined to "NSFW", you must be at least the age of 18 in Earth years (using the Gregorian calendar) to partake in this aquatic shitpost lighthouse. It's for the safety of the administration, as well as the users. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.

aaaaaAAAAAAND please be sure to thrust your copious eyeballs onto our Code of Conduct✨. It's not terribly dull, but it's advisable regardless of where you are. Basically, don't be a hecko*!!! Be good and ✨soff✨ to everyone. 🦈🌸

*Read the CoC if you need specific definitions of what is and is not a hecko pls

'Sea' you soon!

aaaaaa uwu✨

Our default (current) theme is "Pink Moonlight" by Izalia Mae.

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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Currently just a place for me, Izalia Mae, to goof about.
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Merpy Werpy

@izaliamae - Mastodon

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A general friendly, up to date, secure instance that trends toward topics of tech, games, and everything fluffy!

✔️ Up since November 19, 2017 Current Up-Time
✔️ Onion federation support
✔️ I2P federation support

If you're new to Mastodon checkout this guide for some tips!

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Sir Bøøps


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A small instance for friends and mutuals to chit chat and converse away from Birdsite.

This instance's core value is to be kind to one another. Hate isn't welcome here.

We are LGBT and furry friendly (if you couldn't guess from the name). NSFW content is fine as long as it does not break any real-life laws.

Nazi-furs, TERFs, or anyone who tries to invalidate someone else can fuck off though. If you do not agree with someone's lifestyle, choices, beliefs or values, that's fine, but fighting them over it and trying to cause harm to them in any way is not.

Please see our guidelines if you are interested in joining this instance.

Hero artwork by Spotty Bee.
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